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>100.000 photos, >10.000 species


We now have more than 100.000 photos online, covering more than 10.000 plant/fungi/animal etc. species. All photos are zoom-able, to high resolution

Steen has found a remarkable beetle!


The beetle Gnorimus nobilis is very rare in Denmark, and indicates very high continuity and nature quality in the areas it is found. You can see the debate concerning the observation here:
and photos of the creature here:
Try the zoom function to get a closer look.

Focus stacking


Geir has taken som amazing photos using focus stacking, see an example here:
and another one here:
This photo got honorable mention in the Olympus Bioscape competition in 2011:

New zoom function


We have implemented a zoom function so that you can zoom in on all of our photos. Try the function here: http://www.biopix.dk/zoom.aspx?photoid=92433 . Click or shift-click on the photo, scroll on the mouse-wheel or use the symbols in the bottom right corner to zoom in and out.

Antje downunder


Antje has spent some time downunder, you can see her blog here: http://traveller-downunder.blogspot.com/

Photographer at Biopix


We are constantly looking for photographers that can supplement our collection of species. So if you have collections of photos of groups (e.g. zoological groups) or from regions that we do not cover presently, you are welcome to contact us.

Plate function


The plate function can give an overview over species in a family or photos in a Lightbox. The photos are shown in a relatively good size and the page is suitable for print.Try for example the family Butterflies/Nymphalidae and click the ..plate link in the right column. You can also collect a number of photos (from e.g. a specific location) in a Lightbox, and generate a plate.

Selected new photos

 (Lactuca sativa)

Norreso ved Tonder

 (Carex davalliana)


 (Esox lucius)

..more new photos

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>100.000 photos, >10.000 species
We now have more than 100.000 photos online, covering more than 10.000 plant/fungi/animal etc. species

Steen has found a remarkable beetle!
Steen found the beetle Gnorimus nobilis (in Danish Grøn Pragttorbist) in Allindelille Fredskov!

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